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    Or perhaps I should say, welcome to your first step in learning a better way to make Elliott Wave Theory and Technical Analysis a reliable methodology.  One of the first things you should know is that this service has been designed from more than 20 years experience and was built for use in my own research and analysis – something that makes a difference.

    The systems and models used here are not the result of marketing committees, or sales people posing as helpful banks or investment firms, rather they are the direct  result of my personal experience over many years.

    Founded by Paul Thomason in 2009, this service has quickly developed into a very popular comprehensive research and analysis tool that provides pretty much everything needed to perform a thorough top down market analysis – including simple and straightforward methods for identifing key market turning points.

    Our Services

    In addition to the very popular Market and Currency services, is the Thovallo Sentiment Model, an algorithmic long term sentiment based market timing model, based on more than 25 years of data analysis.  It has proven an excellent tool for identifying sentiment conditions that are conducive to long term market turns like few others.

    For me, I believe simplicity is the order of the day, and have little desire to complicate something that we think should be simple and easily understood.

    This simple but reliable system is built on my own experience and analysis.  However, one of the biggest advantages of becoming a subscriber to this service is that you will directly benefit from everything I have learned, experienced and studied over many years – fast tracking your understanding of how markets are patterned, potentially shaving many years off your  personal learning curve.

    30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee For New MembersThe video analysis and analytics models are presented daily, saving you valuable time and not leaving you guessing on those  ‘in-between’ days.  Sure some of these things you could do yourself, but they take time and sometimes the best application of information often requires a little more experience.  In fact, I doubt that you will find a service that consistently provides the level of  technical analysis that is delivered daily to my subscribers – just one of the reasons a 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

    There is a lot of value in this service, conveniently bundled for an affordable single monthly cost (or subscribe annually at a near 50% discount!).  My philosophy is to offer an honest, value for money technical analysis subscription service – all services, in a single subscription service for the price that you are likely to pay for just one of these components elsewhere.

    I have little doubt that you will be satisfied with a service that I believe is probably the most reliable and unique technical analysis resources available anywhere.

    If you are a new subscriber, I again offer my welcome. If you haven’t become a subscriber, don’t wait any longer — you’re missing out on a real treasure.

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    Paul Thomason

    Founder & Editor
    Elliott Wave Analytics
    Image: via Elliott Wave International (attribution)
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