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» Thovallo Sentiment Model

    The Thovallo Sentiment Model is founded on a unique technology that has been developed and used to intricately capture major market turns for more 20 years.  It’s so accurate that each and every signal is 100% guaranteed for accuracy.

    Built using a mixed series of weighted and non-weighted sentiment data, the model is proven to generate highly reliable longer term market turn signals (bullish or bearish) that indicate the onset of a new trend and the end of the previous trend with its main application to the price trends of the S&P500 Index.

    The algorithms utilized by the Thovallo Sentiment Model are completely independent of any type of subjective analysis, and they are applied to a series of commercially available sentiment data in a manner that has been proven to generate very high probability major market-turn signals, usually within days to weeks of the signal date.

    So if you are looking for a system that gives you very clear long term signals without the worry of trading complicated trading methods then it is very likely the Thovallo Sentiment Model may be what you have been searching for.  What this technology allows investors and traders to know is to very precise degree of accuracy when a major shift in sentiment has occurred and that a major market turn is about to occur.  In most cases, the preceding and new trend will have a multi-year duration.

    The accuracy of the signals generated by the Thovallo Sentiment Model are proven to be amazingly accurate.  In fact, the model has captured all major important market turns over the last 24 years.

    As the model accuracy has been comprehensively tested and proven, we offer subscribers to the service a 100% Accuracy Guarantee on all signals generated.  This means if the signal outcome (price movement) does not meet our stringent guidelines for decoding major market turns then we will refund your entire fee no questions asked at anytime during your subscription, no questions asked.  You can read more on our 100% Accuracy Guarantee here.

    The method of calculation and technology involved in generating the market-turn signals is proprietary commercial intellectual property and is not disclosed publicly.  In addition, due to the relative cost to develop this technology and the high-value sensitive nature of the algorithm, all core model data and related data is stringently protected.

    To get instant access to the Thovallo Sentiment Model you need to become a subscriber.  Subscription cost is $199 which provides for one year of access to the model status and signals and includes the 100% Accuracy Guarantee.  Please note that this service and memberships that includes this service are non-refundable.